23 April 2012

Google sponsors two great developers to work on buddycloud

buddycloud is really proud to be working with two great students from Google’s Summer of Code program.

Denis Washington will be building an HTTP API to buddycloud.

buddycloud has an event driven architecture (everything in buddycloud is realtime and events can happen on any domain that runs buddycloud).

Soon, developers who want to extend buddycloud will benefit from the new HTTP API: Denis’s HTTP API will give developers a nice way to plug existing JSON-based queries into buddycloud’s realtime architecture. buddycloud users will still have the  "ooooh this is fast and nice" experience.

Rodrigo Duarte will be building a buddycloud media server (GSOC proposal).

The buddycloud media server makes it so simple to drag and drop media into a channel and chat message. Media is magically permissioned to the person you are talking with or the followers of your channel. But simple-to-use will mean that Rodrigo will be working hard on a design that removes all user confusion and "just works".

I’m really looking forward to working with Rodrigo and Denis and to using their code in production.

Also, a huge thanks to Kev for coordinating and organising the Google summer of code. Without him, none of this would be possible. Thanks Kev.

Welcome Google summer of code programmers!

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