21 January 2013

Running buddycloud on Firefox OS

or buddycloud ❤ Firefox OS

Mozilla invited three of the buddycloud team to a Firefox OS developer event in London. Their aim is to get buddycloud working on the world’s newest mobile OS. And in time to be showcased at Mobile World Congress.

The first day was spent covering what Firefox OS could do, the second spent hacking on porting the buddycloud webclient to and installable Firefox OS package. The second day was spent developing.

The neat thing about Firefox OS is how you distribute applications: Simply adding a maifest.webapp file to the root directory and some javascript to download the project files means that any website can be ported to a phone application.

This means that anyone running a buddycloud website could also run and distribute their own mobile app together with customisations.

We need a nice way to do push notifications and wake up the buddycloud webapp when activity (like a post in one  of your channels) happens. The push notification server is still being built but *should* work nicely with Abmar’s pusher component.

For the moment we have Rodrigo’s offline message counters which make discovering new messages in your channels easy.

Mozilla is also sending buddycloud some prototyping Firefox OS phones. So if you are interested in working on finishing buddycloud for Firefox OS, let me know and I’ll make the necessary arrangements to get a loaner phone out.

All the changes from this are hosted in The thinking is to keep the same codebase as the existing “widescreen” webclient although work on styling to get the UI more mobile-screen friendly. This is currently being achieved with a media-query and custom mobile CSS files.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at FOSDEM at the end of the month.

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