22 January 2013

buddycloud team at FOSDEM

In just over a week some of the world’s best software developers will be attending the FOSDEM conference in Brussels.

FOSDEM is the world’s largest open source conference brings together developers from around the world that are working on projects like Postgres, Mozilla, and… buddycloud.

This year buddycloud is part of the Realtime Lounge: We will be presenting and demoing buddycloud.And  we’re going further - talking about how buddycloud enables the Personal Cloud OS and changes everything you thought you knew about social network design. The Saturday Presentation in the XMPP room will reveal all!

To install your own buddycloud server and meet some of the smartest minds in distributed social networking, meet us in the Realtime lounge on Saturday and Sunday.

See you in Brussels.


PS: FOSDEM is a busy and chaotic conference: to set up a meeting around the conference of if you can’t find the Realtime Lounge, ping

PPS: Some of the buddycloud team will also be at the XMPP summit which runs for two days before FOSDEM. We will be running breakout sessions on buddycloud, and the road to standardising buddycloud into a protocol that everyone can build on

PPPS: say hello on our mailing list and in our chat room

PPPPS: of course buddycloud is opensource

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